FightingFit! Warrior Bootcamp Conditioning

Get fit, build confidence, and feel like a warrior with Chicago’s most unique boot camp: FightingFit!, A unique program of four separate, but inter-related modules that will let you toughen-up and push yourself in new ways:

Developed under the demanding standards of Spartan SGX bootcamps and run by a Spartan SGX-certified trainer, our morning FightingFit! course uses a unique system of periodization that will allow you to consistent results without really thinking about "working out" as you combine obstacle training, "old school" body-weight and calisthenics training and martial arts moves!  if you've bee wanting to get off your couches and become more comfortable in your own skin, then your journey starts here!

Swordfighting is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available. It combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise with a diverse workout that builds core strength, cardiovascular fitness, hand-eye coordination, balance, and timing; all through practicing a fun and engaging martial art. SwordFit! is a solo training program that combines a great way to build confidence, bust stress, and get in touch with your inner warrior with one of the most exciting tools available: the medieval longsword. Combined with the use of staff weapons, body-weight exercises and “old school” fitness techniques that literally extend back thousands of years, you can now use the tools of the warrior to build endurance, agility, raw power, reaction time, and fluid motion.

Push yourself to be your best in our Sunday morning bootcamps! Specifically designed with the needs and objectives of Spartan and other adventure racers in mind, this is our "bring your best and leave behind the rest" workout!

Bonus Course: Combat KickBoxing
A Free bonus for FightingFit and Combatives members, cme burn some calories while learning the fundamentals of western boxing and kickboxing in this one-hour workout that will give you real fighting skills while getting you into shape.  All skill levels are welcome, and no prior experience is necessary.

Class Structure

Non-contact exercises allow for a personal and internal focus on body mechanics, speed, and strength. Exercises are designed to give you a balanced workout of cardiovascular, muscular, and technical training. All equipment is provided. You need only bring your workout gear, supportive footwear, a water bottle, and a sense of determination! A pair of snug-fitting gloves is recommended but not required.

Is FightingFit! for me?

Our FightingFit! boot camp is excellent for those who are looking for a

  • a unique series of workout regimens, combining exercises of swordplay, unarmed combat, "old school" calisthenics and the best of modern athletic conditioning to give you a warrior’s physique;
  • a form of fitness that is exciting and not monotonous.
  • A fantastic start to your day and a great way to pump up before heading to work
  • perfect cross-training for obstacle racing, personal training or any of our martia arts courses

How do I begin?

Beginning is as easy as enrolling in our FightingFit! program and turning up ready to work!